Visiting Zagreb? Make sure to enjoy your stay!

Ah, so you’ve heard of Croatia! It’s a country of many beautiful sites and historical locations, but then again, all of them are somehow related to our seaside. Or are they?

While not on the coast, Zagreb would surely fit in both beautiful and historical categories. In fact, we would even go as far as to proclaim it – the most versatile destination in Croatia. Yes, a bold claim it is. So how do we live up to it?

For starters, one would notice that we do indeed lack a sea per se yet we do have Jarun Lake called The Sea of Zagreb and the smaller one called Bundek close to the city center.  And they are not even salty. So how about that? 🙂

Clubbing is a big deal for youngsters and people who want to socialise with locals, or, let’s be honest here, just want to have a wild night out. There are many and we do mean many clubs available for having a lot of fun and some drinks, that would suit everyone’s need for enjoyment. Pop music, trance, techno, alternative, heavy metal – we got it covered. We could even tempt you with a local music style called turbo-folk, though we do recommend getting completely hammered in order to endure those “melodic” soundtracks of Balkan peninsula.

If you want to relax or take a calming stroll through a park, Zagreb has them in abundance. Many of them are in the city center and the rest are pretty close. Maksimir and Jelenovac come to mind when talking about truly beautiful sights of nature. Also, Zagreb’s guardian – the mountain of Medvednica, will provide a challenge for those with a more adventurous personality.

Maybe you really dig all those historical sites (though we do hope it’s not with a shovel because laws and yada yada), so if you do, Zagreb surely packs a punch. Once a sanctuary for a nobleman running away from Mongolian hordes, a city that survived devastating natural disasters and also Ottomans, has  it’s historical core still intact.

Nothing that suits your fancy? How about some mythology and fantasy? Did you know that the Black Queen, one of the most powerful witches, had her eyes set on Zagreb? We even had our story of great love with Dora Krupićeva and Pavao Gregorijanec. Not only that, Croatia is proud to have an amazing source of eternal tragedies in the royal halls of the Croatian Parliament.

So yes, if you need something, you will surely find it in Zagreb. From sightseeing to shopping, from relaxing to clubbing. And it all starts in the Mayor’s Lodge.

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