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3 star studio-apartment
Price: 60 euros per night

About Us

You might be asking yourself: “I’m already coming to Zagreb, so why stay with these guys?” A valid question indeed.

First of all, “the guys” behind Mayor’s Lodge traveled the world as both backpackers and business people, enough so to get a lot experience with both fancy hotels and some less fancy hostel rooms. So, when we started thinking about creating our very own place to serve as a home away from home for many of Zagreb’s visitors, we wanted it to be well suited for every type of traveler.

How did we accomplish this? Well, first things first, we asked ourself what is the most wanted facility in every corner of world, no matter where we are, and it’s, of course – free Wifi. Once you have Wifi, you need a comfy place to use it in. We’ve been carefully selecting modern furniture to fill up our space with both style and comfort so that three or less people can stay comfortably in the studio-apartment with more than enough space to move freely and do whatever they please (well, not exactly whatever hehe). We wanted the Mayor’s Lodge to be both clean and fun so it doesn’t look completely wacky or sterile. Basically, we tried to create a place where we would like to stay if we were on a trip.

While staying in Zagreb, you’ll most likely be visiting attractions in the city center. So, it’s not a rare thing for any type of traveler to seek accommodation as close to it as possible. We’ve got you covered – we’re literally in the city center. Ten minutes of walking around will get you to the most beautiful parts of Zagreb in almost every direction and just a few tram stations here and there could get you anywhere you want to be in Zagreb.

One more thing. Why the hell are we called the Mayor’s Lodge? – We don’t know. The end.

No, but seriously, why? Janko Kamauf (and we know this is unpronouncable to you if you by any chance are not from Croatia, so you can call him Janky K) was Zagreb’s first mayor in the period where Zagreb was unifying as a city, so it’s easy to realise why was a central street like ours was given a name of a central person like that. Zagreb was, for the better part of history, the most important city of Croatia and one of the cerebral parts of Balkan Peninsula. In Zagreb’s honour (and, of course, Janky K’s), we named our studio-apartment the Mayor’s Lodge.

We left you some books in the Mayor’s Lodge. Feel free to browse and read them. In fact, if you’re not done reading, you can take one of them with you as a new companion on your trip. You can also leave some of your own books here if you want them to find a new home.

We are available for any of your questions and anything else you might want to know. We really like Zagreb, it’s an amazing historical town filled with places to explore and adventures to be had, so obviously we will be here for you.

The Staff